Fun & Memorable Attractions

When you stay with the Blue Bear Inn, you are a short distance from many fun and memorable attractions. Regardless of your tastes, there is something for you to do. Check out our travel guides that offer suggestions on some great places to visit and ways to spend your time in southern New Hampshire.

Wanting to explore around the Blue Bear Inn? There are some bike trails in Francestown.

Looking for accessible trails? Francestown has plenty within a stone’s throw from Blue Bear Inn! Check out this resource.

Day Trips


Guide to Mount Monadnock State Park

Mount Monadnock State Park is home to not only the eponymous mountain but also land around it. Mount Monadnock rockets up to an elevation of 3,165 feet and the park is home to thousands of acres of protected highlands. Within the park, there are plenty of activities to keep your interest year round. Learn more about the area with our guide to Mount Monadnock State Park, which is open year round.